Managing code at the enterprise.

Enterprise grade security, audit and control on top of your repositories.

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With Gitcolony Enterprise you'll get

Flexibility and full customization

Flexibility and full customization

Instruct Gitcolony in how you want it to keep your code under control by customizing the business rules engine to its tiniest detail.

Your environment, your privacy

Your environment, your privacy

Install Gitcolony on your servers, and manage your repositories with as much security restrictions or flexibility as your team needs.

Smoothen operations

Smoothen operations

Add Gitcolony to your company's infrastructure and make the best of to streamline the way you build and ship software.

... and of course, all the features that make Gitcolony a force to be reckoned with:

  • Due date

    Reinforcement of your company processes.
  • Productivity

    Boost of your dev team productivity by at least 20%.
  • Track and measure

    Traceability and measure of your processes.
  • Integration with QA

    Enhancement of your QA team effectiveness.
  • Integrations

    Integration with dev tools and clear actionable items.

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